Division of Des-Dawn Corporation

Why Online Access Makes Sense

You are probably used to accessing much of your critical information online – your bank account and financial information, for example. Online access to information is critical these days, allowing instant access to data and documents when you need them—the ultimate in convenience.

At our firm, we provide our clients with the convenience of web-based access, which is why we were one of the first CPA firms in the country to offer clients state-of-the-art highly secure online access. We easily deliver and exchange information with you and collaborate in real time—essential benefits when you are busy running your business and household. Online access makes sense in today’s fast-paced work environment. Consider the value:

  • Access your data and documents 24/7—You are not restricted by office hours.
  • Enjoy advanced data security and current views of your data—We offer the most secure method for sharing information…far more secure than sending files via email or through the mail. And rest assured that you are always looking at the most current versions of your data and documents.
  • Communicate with us in real-time—Interact with our staff immediately for true collaboration.
  • Enjoy a paperless process—Eliminate the need to print, fax, or mail documents. We  are able to work with you paper free!

Contact our office for more information on our advanced online access.